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Unlock the Secrets of Your DNA

Discover the Power of DNA Testing with Vitalis Wellness Center

At Vitalis Wellness Center, our DNA testing services provide you with invaluable insights into your genetic makeup. Our judgment-free approach ensures you feel comfortable exploring your genetic potential. Whether you’re looking to understand your ancestry, optimize your health, or confirm paternity, our expert team is here to guide you. Empower yourself with the knowledge hidden in your DNA and take control of your health journey today.

Confidential Testing

At Vitalis Wellness Center, all our testing services are conducted with the utmost confidentiality

Paternity Testing

Legal Paternity

Legal paternity testing provides court-admissible results to confirm a biological relationship between a child and an alleged father. This type of testing is often required for legal matters such as child custody, child support, inheritance claims, immigration cases, and adoption proceedings. The process follows strict chain-of-custody protocols to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the results, making them suitable for use in court.

Non-Legal Paternity

Non-legal paternity testing offers a quick and private way to determine the biological relationship between a child and an alleged father. Ideal for personal knowledge and peace of mind, this testing provides reliable results without the need for legal documentation or court admissibility. It's a convenient option for those who want to confirm paternity discreetly and accurately, without the formalities of legal procedures.

Motherless Paternity Testing

Because DNA testing is so powerful, paternity can be determined even when the mother is unwilling or unavailable to be tested.

Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Test

Paternity can be determined using a simple blood-draw from the mother and a buccal-swab collection from the alleged father, as early as 7 weeks' gestation.

Dependable DNA testing services.

DNA Testing Services

DNA testing at Vitalis Wellness Center ensures accuracy and reliability by partnering with the most reputable company in the field, DDC (DNA Diagnostics Center), which is AABB accredited. Our staff members are trained in AABB Testing sample collection, ensuring the highest standards of professionalism and precision in the process. Whether for legal matters or personal peace of mind, you can trust Vitalis Wellness Center to provide

Paternity Testing